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Ordering Process


1-      After establishing a contact between the client and Fitzpatrick sales department, the sales officer ask for all necessary details from the client, in order to prepare the adequate quotation.

2-      The sales officer prepares a quotation and sends it to the client.

3-      Once to quotation is signed, Fitzpatrick engineer attends the site to take as built measurements. This can only be done when both plastering & tiling are done;

4-      The client should decide on the ironmongery to install, the color of his doors in addition to all other details;

5-      A manufacturing schedule along with the related shop drawings and including all details is prepared by Fitzpatrick and sent to the client to be checked and approved prior to manufacturing;

6-      Once the schedule and shop drawings are checked and signed by the client then sent back to Fitzpatrick, the fabrication process begins, a delivery date is generated by the system and the client is informed accordingly.


Useful info:

Fitzpatrick’s operational structure is built based on functions, not projects.

Which means that one project is handled by many persons throughout its execution.

In other words, measurements are taken by an engineer who is in charge of this task solely.

Once the measurements are taken, the fabrication schedule along with the related shop drawings are prepared by an engineer from the design department, this engineer is in charge of all technical issues.

Once the fabrication schedule and the related shop drawings are signed by the client, the project will be handled by an engineer from the production department.

At the end of the manufacturing process, the installation department coordinates with the client to fix an installation date.