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Quality & Social Responsibility


Fitzpatrick is committed to continuous reduction of energy consumption in manufacturing while minimizing haulage emissions. Low energy lighting is installed throughout the factory and most of the product waste (Steel, Powder, Nylon, Carton, etc.) is fully recycled.
Deliveries are coordinated so products are packaged and transported vertically rather than horizontally, ensuring all trailers are full and space utilization is maximized.
For local deliveries, raw material deliveries to factory and final product deliveries to market are combined in a way to optimize the transportation means utilization. This improves both cost & energy consumption (emissions).

In addition, some of our employees are volunteers at the Lebanese Red Cross EMS. Fitzpatrick management encourages them by decreasing their working hours during the days of their social duty. Moreover, in addition to its financial contribution with many NPOs, Fitzpatrick has equipped some of the Lebanese Red Cross stations with fire rated doors as per their request.

The company is also aware of its responsibility towards the local community. This is reflected through both employment and environmental care activities. Fitzpatrick understands the importance of continuous development of its staff and yearly welcomes apprentices in its work place. Regular training and support is offered to all employees. Fitzpatrick identifies and recruits new skills to satisfy the requirements of its continuously growing business.